A Boer War, Great War and Long Service Group of 5 to Company Sergeant Major W.J. Payne, Royal Scots.

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Condition: mounted swing style as worn. some contact wear, specifically to first two, overall Very Fine.
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A fine South Africa Boer War and Great War long service group awarded to Company Sergeant Major W.J. Payne, Royal Scots, who served variously with the 1st Battalion, the 2nd Battalion, the 8th Territorial Battalion , 2nd/5th Battalion, and then the 11th Service Battalion, and saw service with the latter on the Western Front as a CSM from January to June 1918.  

Queen’s South Africa Medal, three Clasps: Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Belfast; (6931 PTE W. PAYNE, ROYAL SCOTS.); King’s South Africa Medal, two clasps: South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902; (6931 PTE W.J. PAYNE. RL: SCOTS.); British War Medal and Victory Medal; (6931 W.O.CL.2 W.J. PAYNE. R.SCOTS.); Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, Geo V, Fm. Bust; (6931 C.S.MJR: W.J. PAYNE. R.SCOTS.), 

Walter John Payne was born in Hounslow, Middlesex, and having worked as a labourer and seen service with the 7th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, Volunteer Force, before being discharged by purchase, he then attested for service with the British Army when aged 21 at Hounslow on 30th October 1899, joining as a Private (No.6931) the Royal Scots.

Posted to the 1st Battalion, he embarked for South Africa on 7th September 1901, and then saw service during the Boer War on operations in the Cape Colony, the Orange Free State and the Transvaal. Posted to India on 22nd November 1902, he transferred to the 2nd Battalion on 25th February 1903 on his being appointed a Lance Corporal.

Having extended his service to complete 12 years with the Colours on 8th February 1907, he was promoted to Corporal on 5th December 1907, and was then posted home on 9th March 1909. Payne re-engaged at Edinburgh to complete 21 years service on 1st November 1910, and was appointed to Lance Sergeant on 24th March 1911, and then promoted to Sergeant on 23rd April 1912.

Posted to the 3rd Reserve Battalion Regimental Cadre on 22nd November 1913, he was then posted to the 8th Territorial Battalion on 13th May 1914, and was serving with this unit on the outbreak of the Great War. Promoted to Colour Sergeant on 16th March 1915, and then appointed to Acting Company Sergeant Major on the same day, he then found himself posted as Acting Sergeant Major to the 2nd/5th Battalion on 22nd May 1915. Posted to the 3rd Reserve Battalion again on 31st August 1917, he then transferred as a Company Sergeant Major to the 11th Service Battalion out on the Western Front on 19th January 1918.

Awarded the Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal in April 1918, Payne was posted back home to the Depot on 9th June 1918, he transferred back to the 3rd Reserve Battalion on 16th July 1918, and was then posted to the 2nd Battalion on 5th July 1919 before being discharged on 29th November 1919. Confirmed as his full entitlement.