A Naval General Service Medal for Martinique to John Lee Harwood, a unique name on the NGS Roll

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Naval General Service Medal 1848, clasp Martinique named to John Lee Harwood. A unique name on the NGS roll, this medal is noted on the DNW roll as having previously been seen with a false clasp, but this medal is 100% correct. John Lee Harwood had served as a Private, Royal Marines aboard HMS Penelope, he is show in the ships book as serving with 146 Company, which was in the Woolwich Division in 1809, although he is shown on the paperwork as Plymouth Division. The invasion of Martinique took place between 30th January and 24th February 1809 as part of the West Indies Campaign of the Napoleonic Wars. Martinique had been an important French base in the Caribbean that had an effect on British troops and supplies in the region, this until the Admiralty mounted an invasion of 29 ships and 10,000 troops on the island, thus neutralising it. With copy papers