A Scarce British Empire Medal for Gallantry to Alfred Waite, a Snack Bar Proprietor from Openshaw, Manchester

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A Scarce British Empire Medal for Gallantry to Alfred Waite.

British Empire Medal, Civil Division Eliz II, named to Alfred Waite.

London Gazette 21st July 1953. Alfred Waite, Snack Bar Proprietor, Openshaw, Manchester: ‘Waite was standing outside his snack bar, which is on a main road, when he saw a women with her two children, aged four and three years respectively, waiting to cross the road from the opposite side. The youngest child suddenly ran into the roadway in front of an oncoming motor van which was about 12 yards away. Without hesitation Waite dashed into the road between the child and the van and thrust the child back and away from the vehicle. Although the van driver swerved he was unable to avoid striking Mr. Waite who sustained a sprained ankle and a lacerated shin bone. The child was unhurt and was undoubtedly saved from death or very serious injury by Waite’s prompt and courageous action.’