A Second War Military Medal Group to Gunner D. MacLennan, Royal Artillery, for successfully escaping whilst a German Prisoner of War

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Gunner D. MacLennan, Royal Artillery, awarded the Military Medal for successfully escaping whilst a Prisoner of War shortly after the Italian Surrender to the Allies in September 1943. Military Medal, Geo VI, named to 809245 Gunner D. MacLennan, Royal Artillery. 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Burma Star, War Medal 39-45, all unnamed as issued. The citation for MacLennan’s MM states ‘Captured on 5th April 1941 near Derna. Taken via Benghazi, Sabratha, Capua, Sulmona, Montalbo and Lucca to Campo 70 (Monturano). After the Armistice the Senior British Officer refused to allow Prisoners of War to escape and the camp was taken over by the Germans who took the Prisoners of War to Germany. MacLennan was entrained on 25th September 1943 and put in a truck with 40 others. He prized open a small barred window in the truck, forced the bars out and jumped down on to the line. None of the other Prisoners of War in the truck wished to escape. He made his way South and arrived in British lines on 6th October.’ The award of the MM appeared in the London Gazette of 15th June 1944, it was one of at least 5 MM’s and 31 MID’s for escaping from Campo 70. With copy papers, MacLennan was from Inverness. Court-mounted for wear (5) Nearly extremely fine