A Three-Bar Queens South Africa Medal to Drummer G. Arnold, Royal Dublin Fusiliers

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Queens South Africa Medal, three clasps, Cape Colony, Orange Free State, South Africa 1902 to 6237 Drummer G. Arnold, Royal Dublin Fusiliers. George Arnold was born in Farnham, Hampshire, and having worked as a musician, then attested for service with the British Army when aged 15 at Gosport on 10th January 1898, and joining as a Boy (No.6237) with the Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Posted to the 4th Battalion as a Boy Soldier, he was ranked as a Drummer from 12th January 1898, and saw service in South Africa with the 1st Battalion from 27th March to 3rd October 1902, being present on operations during the Boer War in the Cape Colony and the Orange Free State. Posted to Malta from 24th September 1903 to 15th November 1905, and to Egypt from 16th November 1905 to 12th October 1907, and the Sudan from 13th October 1907 to 14th October 1908 before returning to Egypt from 15th October 1908 to 8th October 1909, he transferred to the 2nd Battalion on 25th September 1909, and was then posted home and discharged on 9th January 1910. Good very fine