An India General Service Medal 1854, clasp Persia to Major E. Baynes, 20th Regiment, Bombay Native Infantry, born Quebec and son of Major General Edward Baynes, who served in the war of 1812.

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India General Service Medal 1854, clasp Persia (MAJOR E. BAYNES, 20TH REGt BOMBAY N.I.)

Edward Baynes, Colonel Commandant 20th Bombay Native Infantry, born Quebec Lower Province of Canada 7th June 1809, The second son of Lt. Col and Adjutant General the forces in Canada, Major General Edward Baynes. (Served amongst others in the War of 1812), also ADC to the Governor General of Canada. He applied for a Cadetship with the HEIC in the 1825-26 season, graduated as an Ensign 1828, promoted to Lieutenant 8th October 1839. Married 20th August 1855, Mrs Thomasina Sherstone (Widow) at Christ Church Byculla Bombay. The commanding officer of the Regiment during the period where they earned great distinction and under incredible circumstances Captain John Wood of the 20th Bombay Native Infantry won the Victoria Cross. On the 9th December 1856 at Bushire, Persia, Captain Wood led a Grenadier Company which formed the head of the assaulting column and was the first man of the parapet of the fort., where he was immediately attacked by a large number of the Garrison. A volley was fired at Captain Wood and the head of the storming party at very close range but although the Captain was shot by seven musket balls he threw himself upon the enemy, killing their leader. He was closely followed by the men of his company and speedily overcame all opposition. His VC was interestingly the first to be won by a British Indian Regiment and the standard captured that day is still preserved by the Battalion.

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