Romania. 1877-1878 Romanian War of Independence Medal

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Condition: Nearly extremely fine
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Romania. 1877-1878 Romanian War of Independence Medal. Bronze, 30mm diameter. The Romanian War of Independence refers to the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78, which was fought in the Balkans & Caucasus between the Ottoman Empire and the Russian led Eastern Orthodox coalition. This war originated in emerging 19th Century Balkan nationalism and was fuelled by Russian hopes of recovering the territorial losses it suffered during the Crimean War, re-establishing its Black Sea presence etc. On 16th April 1877, Romania signed a treaty which allowed Russian troops to pass through Romanian territory. Russia then declared war on the Ottoman Empire on 24th April 1877 and some 120,000 Russian soldiers entered Romania via the newly built Eiffel Bridge. Following this Romania gained independence from the Ottoman Empire. On original ribbon, Nearly extremely fine